As you can imagine there is a lot that goes into getting these portraits from beginning to end.  A lot of the staff at Mindy Harmon Photography in The Woodlands have a hand in this process.  It starts with booking the appointments and having you in for the design appointment, then we see you next at the portrait session.  Once the images have been processed and they are ready we have you come to the studio to view your portraits.  Your order is then placed and we await the delivery of your beautiful portraits.  Your portraits will arrive and be inspected.  At this point you might even come back in for a framing appointment, if so we wait for the frames to arrive and it’s assembled!  Mindy signs your portraits and they are wrapped up.  You’ll get a call or an email letting you know that you can stop by and pick them up.  That’s almost goodbye but the final step is sharing them here on social media.

Your next portrait session is just an appointment away!  Book online at or call the studio at 281-296-2067.

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