There’s no way to explain in words or expression the feelings and fear that are immediate when the news comes from the doctor that cancer has been found. After months of diagnostic testing it wasn’t unexpected news but it wasn’t welcome news either. The cancer was in his neck and in his chest so he was not a candidate for radiation but it was a candidate for his wife’s loving touch.
Kiyu (pronounced “Q”) and his wife researched extensively and knew that Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was curable and that he could go on to live a long and healthy life but first he had to go through six months of chemotherapy. Armed with a positive attitude, he said he was going to channel his inner four year old, and a lot of love and support from friends and family the fight was on. Mindy invited Kiyu and Theresa to come to the studio for a portrait session before the treatments started. Kiyu had worn his Superman shirt to the studio not for the session- Theresa had his clothes to change. But when we saw that shirt an idea took form and we ran with it. The results were fun and the nickname SuperQ was born. 
A SuperQ team was formed for the MD Anderson Boot Walk. Mindy and her family were there walking in the rain with the team. Kiyu had a chemotherapy treatment the day before and couldn’t do the entire walk. He started the walk with the team and then went to the finish line to wait for supporters to finish. While he waited he sent his drone up and got some fantastic video of the event. 
On the last day of chemotherapy Mindy’s team were representing SuperQ in the MHP studio and in our partner salon Lavish Salon and Blow Dry Bar! 
Kiyu came back to the studio for a portrait session after he successfully completed his treatments and we celebrated… HE IS CURED! Theresa works at the MHP studio so this was a journey we all took together. No one fights alone!