Is it really February already???? Time just seems to pass by so quickly. It seems as if a million things have happened since my last blog, but most of them are just daily happenings not worth writing about.

Brunching Boys while Mom was out

I just got back a couple of weeks ago from a business trip to Vegas.  The family got to have a long guys weekend while I was gone and somehow they survived without me.  I hope they missed me at least a little!

I kicked off the Vegas trip a couple of days early with a Mastermind group that I have been a member of for a few years now. Myself and 10 of the top studios from around the US meet up twice a year (in addition to our monthly conference calls) to brainstorm business strategies, marketing ideas and ways to advance our management and leadership skills. It is two intense days of complete mind overload and my AGILE wall at the office gets overloaded with tasks by the time it’s done.


After our Mastermind meeting, we continued with three days of large group workshops full of creative learning in photography and business. I took an outdoor lighting class from the fabulous Gary Box. The class members were used as models for demonstration and I got to feel just how awkward it feels on the other side of the camera. I could have used a good glass of wine before that but it might have been frowned upon at 10:00am. I usually dislike myself in photos, but I actually liked a couple of the images…thanks Gary!

Headshot by Gary Box

Next up, I head to Louisiana in a couple of weeks to study with the great oil painting artist, Darrell Chitty. I’ve been mostly self-taught with oil painting so far and I am looking forward to advancing my painting talent with skills learned from a Master. I am strangely looking forward to the long road trip to Louisiana… myself….bun warmers on in the Cadillac, a giant DP and audiobooks blaring way too loud for the duration four hour trip….good stuff. Hopefully I’ll have some paintings after the workshop to show you in my next blog post.

The kids are all in the midst of selecting their courses for school for next year.  Kaden will be a Junior, Karsen will be starting high school and Karter will be beginning Junior High. With three kiddos I feel like I have a school meeting every other night preparing us for the changes next year. These are decisions that I stress over thinking that they will affect the kids for the rest of their lives, but in the long run the kids end up making the right decisions on their own if I just step back.   We are all looking forward to the changes next year.

I hope that everyone has a fabulous Fat Tuesday and a Happy Valentine’s this week! I’m trying to avoid the temptations of chocolates and King Cakes this week so my trainer doesn’t scold me at my weigh in in a couple of weeks! Until next time…..thanks for reading!

– Mindy