As summer comes to a close it is super hard for me to imagine that I’ll be beginning this school year with a senior of my own. I’ve photographed other seniors for so long that it feels a little surreal to be on the ‘other’ side!

I’ve sat on the couch in my studio countless times crying with other moms as we watch portraits of their ‘babies’ being shown like a slow motion movie of memories from our projector. With each passing photo memories of the past 17 years pass before our eyes and we realize ‘this is it’. This is our last year with our ‘baby’ at home. And, in that instant we realize our baby is an adult about to be on their own in less than a year. Ugh….how did we get to this point in our lives so quickly???!!! I still remember his newborn smell while snuggling him on the couch of our old house!

Silly thoughts pass through a mom’s head this year……’How will they survive?’, ‘Who will keep them safe?’, ‘Who will remind them to do homework?’, ‘Who will make sure they wake up on time?’, ‘Will they party too much?’. Then we move on to thoughts of guilt……’I should have helped them be more organized’, ‘I should have helped them study more’, ‘I should have made them eat healthier food’, ‘I shouldn’t have let them stay on their phone so much’, ‘I should have taught them how to cook better or how to do laundry’. Ahhhhhhh…….the thoughts of a mom are enough to drive even the most sane people crazy!

I’m already a wine drinker. I enjoy my Wine Wednesdays with friends… at dinner with my hubby… just because I’ve had a rough day at the office. (hmmm….maybe I’ve found my reason for not ever losing weight…..nah…can’t be wine) As I look ahead to the flow of emotions that’s about to come my way as Kaden approaches his senior year I realize with my increase in wine consumption I might just need to invest in a few more wine club memberships, but enough of the wine rant…..

This next year is going to be tough! Soooooooo many times I’ve envisioned planning his senior portraits but I’ve always secretly hoped it would never come. I was in denial. This day has come and I’m quite certain that this year is going to fly by. During the next year I will have a constant flow of tears with each ‘last’ that happens.

Everyone always says that teenager attitudes make it easier for moms to ‘let go’. But Kaden just hasn’t been that kind of teenager. He is always respectful and sweet to me. I may have to remind him to clean his room a jillion times, but he’s always respectful. I can just hope and pray that he continues to grow into a sweet and respectful man.

So….here is a little nod to all of the moms this year that are also about to start a Senior year! May this year be smooth sailing….may your kiddos stay cute and respectful….may your senior get into the college that they have been hoping for….and may you stay skinny with each and every glass of wine you drink this senior year! Let’s raise a glass and shed a few tears together!



We sent Mindy’s Thoughts on Having a Senior of Her Own out on our newsletter and this is what we heard from some of you:

Awww! Every mom can truly empathize with you. The familiar emotions connect us. 🙂 Here’s to all your “lasts” and soon, a new set of “firsts”! Enjoy!

Omg! With less than three weeks to go with Katie, I cry every day! It’s so hard! This was spot on!

Your email was so touching and definitely brought back memories. You have captured the sentiment perfectly. Hang in there. Allow yourself the moments to cry or laugh about your baby boy’s journey… and yes, have plenty of wine on hand…and congratulations to you! Cheers!

Your son is adorable. Mine is leaving for college in a few weeks. He has his sweet days still for sure and I will miss him. Treasure Senior year because it goes by fast and start the essay now. We waited and it was so stressful, you can also start filling out the application online. I enjoyed your article.