A fabulous start to the New Year!
I hope that you are getting this New Year off to a fabulous start! My 2018 planning officially starts today. After a busy Christmas season, I usually take some time off at the beginning of the year to spend with the family so my goal setting tends to begin a little late. I already have an ever-growing list of personal resolutions and business goals for the year. One of which is trying to write a bit more!

We spend so much time posting images from portrait sessions announcing events and other business related things that I forget to include personal postings. Most of you on our mailing list have become like family to us, so I hope you don’t mind if I start sharing a bit more! No sales or promotions….just personal chit chat from me. When I write, I’ll be posting on our blog and facebook, so make sure to add me as a friend on there if we aren’t connected already. I’m not a great writer…..my mind works in a million different directions with never so much as a complete thought, so bare with me as I try to eliminate the squirrels in my head and put my thoughts into a cohesive journal.

Mindy and Kaden

My family and I just got back last night from a ski trip to Breckenridge. This was only our second time to ski. The boys are doing awesome and of course Jon seems to be a natural. Kaden and Karter have both taken to skiing really well and Jon and Karsen stick with snow boarding. I signed up for Ski School again this year because I already knew I didn’t do so well with skiing the last time. I did great remembering the basics, but once out on an actual slope fear gets to me and I can’t make my body do what it needs to do. I’ve always been uncoordinated that way though! So, half way down the slope the first day of Ski School, I ditched my skis, tossed them onto my shoulder and walked my frustrated self right down the slope. Haha! I was done! A ski school drop out. The next trip I will be booking our stay at a lodge with a wine bar and spa attached and spending my time there while the boys are on the slopes!

Mindy and Karsen

Breckenridge is just gorgeous. It’s not a beauty that can even be put into words. I wish I would have brought my camera gear with me because iPhone pics just do not do the scenery there any justice! One of my favorite parts of the trip was our Snowmobile tour. Every second of riding up the mountainside was camera-worthy and breathtaking…..not just the gorgeous kind of breathtaking, but literally breathtaking…..I white-knuckled the handle bars and drove slow most of the way up. Hee.hee….I never really knew I had a fear of heights till I visited the mountains for the first time. But, alas I still really enjoyed the tour. From snowmobiling, to icy roads, to mountain roller coasters, this trip seemed to be full of white knuckle adventures! I highly recommend snowmobiling and the mountain roller coaster (skip the icy road adventures) if you get a chance to visit!

Mindy and Karter

The weather was amazingly beautiful and we got finally got to see snow falling the last evening we were there. We wrapped up the trip dining and walking through downtown Breck under falling snow. It was an amazing trip with an overload of great family memories!

Mindy and Jon

Now, it’s time to return to reality and back to work and school we go. I have a long list of projects that I will be working on in the upcoming weeks and months. Because I love photography as a hobby as well as a profession, the line between personal and business projects sometimes get blurred. As I learned from hearing Kendra Scott speak once…..when you love what you do, it’s all about work-life integration….not work-life balance…..so I don’t mind the blurred lines.

Mountain Coaster

One project that crosses those blurred lines is ramping up our Give Back programs at MHP.

Philanthropy is not only a pillar of my personal life, but it is also a pillar of our business as well! In 2016 MHP gave back over $120,000 in service and monetary donations, in 2017 we gave back over $319,000 and we are gearing up to be able to do more than that in 2018! I am so proud of the MHP team for pulling off these numbers! It is humbling to think of the lives we’ve touched just by doing something we all love. Woot! Woot! Projects like this make me excited to come to work everyday!

Thanks for reading! Until my next blog…Cheers to a fabulous, prosperous and healthy 2018!

Our whole Breck Crew….Mindy’s family, plus Lacey’s (Mindy’s Sister) family